I was always interested in fashion design. 2 years ago i had a small business with a baby clothing line named Petits Coquins, it was so funny doing my own clothes and graphic but i had no time and no money to continue unfortunately. One of my preferred online shops was DESIGN LIFE KIDS, the owner Kim is so kind!!

Tell us something about you.

I am a single mother of two little, crazy girls and own an online shop called, DLK. I’m not one who can sit still for very long, I love new experiences! So I’m always looking for ways to learn, improve and experience life. Having DLK and kids motivates me every day to make memories whether within the business or our personal lives.

Can you tell us how it all started ? 

DLK is a branch off of a blog I had started a few years ago. After the sudden passing of my husband, Scott in 2014 I no longer felt the inspiration to blog unfortunately. It did, however inspire me to do something else that I love. I’ve always loved modern design and wanted to have a shop of my own so I decided to turn Design Life Kids, the blog into DLK, a shop for modern design loving families like ourselves.

How would you describe your shop?

DLK is an online shop with a strong focus on modern design from fashion to furniture. I curate goods from all over the world and love working with small designers whose passion show through their work. Our target is parents like myself who love modern minimalism and want to share their love of design with their families from the clothing they wear to the toys they play with and the decor of their spaces. I’ve always found that minimal design is the most refreshing and is more complicated than it appears – the restraint it takes to create such pieces… I love it.

Your house is amazing! Where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you! It’s always been important to me to have a space that feels bright, clean and refreshing. So our main living spaces are white with minimal decor and then a mess of kids things that seem to find it’s way in during the day! My husband loved mid century modern design, so we incorporate iconic pieces like Eames and Bertoia chairs. I love their lines and functionality. I’m inspired by the light that comes into our home during the day. We live in a very wooded area, that green and plush, it’s like looking at a landscape painting. If our interior was dark and complicated, I wouldn’t feel comfortable or inspired to work in it every day. Instead I wake up, walk downstairs and feel a sense of … newness every morning!